We aim to give research developments in our group back to the society, based on “Sophia kai Ergon”, a motto of Dr. KITASATO Shibasaburo. In particular, we develop derivatives from unique natural products which have been isolated by our group, the Kitasato Institute, toward providing medicine, animal drugs and pesticides with synthetic organic chemistry.

In our lab, as a result to have synthesized derivatives which are based on the natural product, Pyripyropene, isolated by Professor Ōmura in the Kitasato institute, a new highly-safe and green pesticide has been commercially developed.

95 Pyripyropene A.pdfBASF announced the signing of an agreement with a Japanese company Meiji Seika Pharm Co. Ltd., (“Meiji Seika”) for the co-development of an exciting new insecticide for the control of piercing and sucking insects, code named ME5343.
Representing both a new class of chemistry and a new mode of action, the insecticide was discovered in a research collaboration between Meiji Seika and The Kitasato Institute. The compound shows significant efficacy for the control of aphids, whiteflies and certain scales, mealy bugs and leaf hoppers, including those that have developed resistance to other insecticides. This new insecticide is expected to be launched in the Japanese and other markets in 2016. It has potential use applications in vegetables, fruit, vine, row crops, and ornamentals, and has shown to be effective as a foliar, seed, and soil applied treatment.

With global regulatory requirements increasing, the compound is expected to meet evolving regulatory standards that may further restrict or force existing compounds off the market. Meiji Seika has been submitted the new compound for regulatory approval in U.S. and Canada at Apr 8th, 2016. BASF also has been submitted for regulatory approval in the U.S. and Canada at Apr 7th, 2016.

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