1983 B.A. Kitasato University, Tokyo Japan
1985-1988 Ph. D. Kitasato University, Tokyo Japan (Prof. Satoshi Ōmura)
1988-1990 Post doctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania, US (Prof. A. B. Smith, III)
1990-1993 Senior Researcher, The Kitasato institute, Tokyo Japan
1994-2001 Assistant Professor, Kitasato University, Tokyo Japan
2002-2004 Associate Professor, Kitasato University, Tokyo Japan
2005- Full Professor, Kitasato University, Tokyo Japan

His research interests are in the areas of synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal, and bioorganic chemistry of bioactive
microbial natural products. He has succeeded the total syntheses of 35 novel complex natural products including Lactacystin, Pyripyropenes, Macroshelides, Madindolines, Arisugasins, Paspalicine, so on to date.

He has also succeeded the development of Motilide (motilin like macrolide) which is on Phase II trial as a digestive medicine, and of ME5343 (Pyripyropene analogs) which will be commercialized as an insecticide around the world in 2014, and also of EM900 which is novel antiinflammatory macrolide without antibacterial activity.


Office & Laboratory
Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences
5-9-1 Shirokane, Minato Ward, Tokyo 108-8641, JP
Phone & Fax +81-3-5791-6340
E-mail sunazukatoshiaki(at)